Emergency Aid Alliance

Emergency Aid Alliance is a Three Rivers, CA 501(c)(3)charity, helping residents suffering from extreme financial hardship due to medical, age and other reasons. It offers direct cash assistance as funds allow and on an as-needed basis.

Recipients often do not qualify for private or public assistance for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the assistance they are receiving just isn’t enough. For instance, many of our seniors living on social security can no longer afford to heat their homes due to the high cost of propane in the winter. EAA in the past has ordered and paid for gas deliveries to needy residents.

In other cases, EAA has helped residents in the end stages of cancer who’ve had their insurance terminated because they are too sick to work. In these cases, EAA can offer direct cash aid for rent, utilities, medicine, etc.

100% of festival proceeds go directly to help local residents who would otherwise “fall through the cracks”. Over 100 festival staff and musicians kindly volunteer their time and talents.

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