Festival Menu

Deep Pit Pork with R&R BBQ sauce, roasted green chili beans, spring mix salad and a roll

Portobello and roasted red pepper sandwich with spinach, cilantro goat cheese and chipotle tomato dressing on a torta roll

Brined, smoked turkey breast with smoked jalepenos, pesto
mayonnaise, tomato & roasted red onion on a torta roll


Roasted pineapple sausage with hoisin mustard sauce, cilantro & pickled Asian vegetables on a sesame hoagie

Deep Pit pulled pork sandwich with smoked red onion and R&R BBQ sauce on a sesame bun

Black bean and avocado salad with spring mix lettuce, roasted corn tortilla raja’s, cotilla cheese and cilantro lime vinaigrette

Coleslaw & chips      $2

Hot Dogs      $2