Meet The Bands

Farewell To The Surface Farewell to the Surface is an Americana jam band from Three Rivers, CA. Improvisation runs deep in the way they play music. Their music is influenced by folk, blues, Americana and rock. It’s characterized by a grooving rhythm section and clean electric guitar tones. They do a combination of original material and covers using a drum kit, electric bass, two electric guitars and a Hammond organ. Chris Waldschmidt – Guitar and organ, Chuck Hackett – guitar and lead vocals, Isaac Chellman – drums, Brandon Dee Enzlin on bass. Get ready for a musical journey…

Wes HardinWes Hardin, formerly known as Streetlamp Junkie, will join us for the third year in a row. It’s been an interesting journey from rock to country to bluegrass. Wes and his group have kept us all entertained.

Saltwater with Wes Hardin and Travis Brooks

SteadfastersThe Steadfasters are a local Three Rivers group of dedicated musicians who come together once a year for the Three Rivers Music Festival. Jonathan Humphries rose to stardom in such famous bands as Humphries Hobos and Harlots and Confluence (well, locally famous, that is). Jonathan can often be found playing ragtime guitar to huge crowds of thousands of plants at his Foothills Natives nursery. Walter Sydoriak’s bone crushing mandolin licks have backed up many fine bands over the last forty years, into corners and over curbs. Though he often disappears to work deep in the forest, Walter does occasionally emerge, mandolin in hand, to join Confluence or sit in with the Steadfasters. When not stroking his cello with the Tulare County Symphony Orchestra, Eric Wright spends much of his time hugging trees in the Kaweah Oaks Preserve. When the oak leaves are the size of a mouse’s ear, Eric can be found on hands and knees hunting for morels.

ConfluenceConfluence is a gathering of musicians who play for the entertainment of their audience and themselves. They are a Three Rivers band with Julie Doctor-Lead Vocals & Harmonica, Jesse Bellman-Bass Guitar & Backup Vocals, Walter Sydoriak-Mandolin, Harmonica and Vocals, Carol Greninger-Percussion, Congas & Vocals and Jackie Gardner-Washboard, Percussions & Backup Vocals

Groovy Judy picGroovy Judy puts a new face on the late 60s, early 70s sound that made the Bay Area what it is. From the songwriting influences of Sly and The Family Stone and Jimi Hendrix to touches of the melodic Beatles sound, San Francisco’s own brings forth her dominating style with the energy of some of today’s best-known artists. Groovy Judy focuses on making people smile and raising vibrations by delivering her own blend of funk/rock. Her stellar guitar playing, original lyrics, colorful dress, and upbeat personality, speak to all ages.

Pete Madsen picPete Madsen is an acoustic blues, ragtime and slide guitarist hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. He blends Kottke-esque virtuosity with thoughtful writing skills to produce wonderful guitar excusrsions. Whether playing 6 or 12 string or resonator guitar, he imbues his playing with a passion for the blues. His bottleneck slide playing is lyrical and innovative.

Thick soup picThick Soup, formed in March 2004 has been playing constantly all over California for the last 10 years. Performing lively shows filled with original material and long-forgotten covers in the vein of their influences, various roots music ranging from Americana, blues, classic jazz, Motown, swing, folk and bluegrass. The shows themselves are unique, filled with medleys and intrumental seques to keep everyone entertained and the music flowing.

Jason Tyler Burton is a wanderer, a soul searching adventurer who writes songs about the journey. Originally from Kentucky, he is now a nomad in the American West where he works as a seasonal park ranger. His songs and stories are heart felt, reflecting a search for meaning and home, with a voice and lyrics that invite you to lean in a little, and really listen. From living rooms to music festivals, his live show engages audiences with excellent songwriting and stories and a compelling voice. His sophomore release, Headwaters was released in 2014 to great reviews and airplay, including syndicated shows such as Out of the Woods and NPR’s Fresh Folk.

The Vivants, hailing from San Francisco, find their musical faith in the inspiring traditions of Southern music and showmanship. The acoustic quartet recently completed their first full-length CD, Western Addition; the album shimmers with western swing, early jazz, tap-dancing, rockabilly and old-time country harmonies throughout.